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Parents’ Involvement To The School

CATSI Parents Orientation

Parents are the rock of all children, supporting their children and doing their best to help them craft their future. They’ve shed blood, sweat, and tears just to provide a safe and protected place for their children to grow and learn.

This orientation for parents and guardians serves as the purpose of knowing how the students cope in school, it also improves student-parent relationship. Different opportunities and purpose that CATSI provides will be shared with the parents.

Pagdiriwang Ng Araw Ng Wika Sa Carcar Academy

Filipino at mga Katutubong Wika, Wika ng Kapayapaan at Katarungang Panlipunan

Ang wika ay isa sa mga pangunahing kasangkapan para sa pagpapalaganap ng kapayapaan. Sa pamamagitan ng wastong komunikasyon, natutugunan ang mga hidwaan at alitan sa mas maayos at mapayapang paraan. Ang paggamit ng ating sariling wika at mga katutubong wika ay nagbibigay-daan sa mas malalim na pag-unawa at pakikipag-ugnayan sa ating mga kababayan.

Celebrating Our Commencement

93rd Founder's Day Of Carcar Academy Technical School, Inc.

CATSI was originally named “Carcar Academy” by Captain. Catalino Tagimacruz Alfafara on 1930. By his agape and costudy to the mankind of the City of Carcar, he erected a school for the people to ascend and undertake the dreams of one another.
Every year on the 14th of August, we celebrate the value, honor, and legacy that CATSI has accumulated throughout the course of its existence.

CATSI NEWS - A School for everyone!

“Empowering Minds, Shaping Futures Since 1930”

CATSI @ 93 | Nurturing the Legacy with Unity & Pride

The nostalgic strains of the school anthem, the laughter of old friends, and the sense of belonging that comes with returning to one’s alma mater – all of these defines the essence of an alumni homecoming…More

We are research committed!

CATSI designs its STEM Program that culminates in a Capstone Fest where the students will present their innovation projects which are beneficial to the community. These projects consider the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in responding …More

CATSI's First Day of Classes: Unlocking the Gates of Multitude Possibilities

As the calendar flips to the 8th of August, ardour and zeal fill the air in Carcar Academy Technical School, Incorporated. This much-anticipated day marks the beginning of a….More

A Testament to the Transformative Journey of Education and Collaboration

Club Culminating Day, held on June 6, 2023, at Carcar Academy Technical School Incorporated, was a highly significant event in the academic calendar that brought together…More


“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our incredible community of donors for their unwavering support and generosity. Your contributions have been instrumental in enhancing the educational experience for our students and advancing the mission of our school…Donors




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Faculty and Staff


“Discover CATSI’s vibrant campus life through our latest events and happenings. From student showcases to community gatherings, there’s always something exciting going on. Explore our event calendar to stay informed and get a glimpse into the lively atmosphere at our school. Join us in celebrating our diverse community and the talents of our students.”

CATSI GYM – Corner H. Del Pilar St. Poblacion 1, Carcar City, Cebu, Philippines 6019

August 08 at 07:00 am

CATSI CAMPUS- Corner H. Del Pilar St. Poblacion 1, Carcar City, Cebu, Philippines 6019

June 07 at 07:00 am

CATSI GYM – Corner H. Del Pilar St. Poblacion 1, Carcar City, Cebu, Philippines 6019

The Academians: CATSI School Publication

“Write Together, Thrive Together with The Academians.”

“At The Academians, our mission is to foster a vibrant and inclusive community of passionate writers who, through collaboration and creative expression, inspire one another to thrive academically and personally. We believe that when we write together, we not only sharpen our writing skills but also cultivate empathy, understanding, and a sense of belonging.

  1. Nurture Creativity: We provide a supportive space where every voice is encouraged and valued, allowing students to explore and develop their unique writing talents.

  2. Foster Collaboration: Through collaborative writing projects, peer feedback, and workshops, we promote a culture of teamwork and shared learning.

  3. Empower Expression: We empower our members to use the written word as a tool for self-expression, advocacy, and storytelling.

  4. Thrive Academically: We recognize that strong writing skills are essential for academic success. By honing their writing abilities, our members not only excel in their coursework but also become critical thinkers and effective communicators.

  5. Celebrate Diversity: We celebrate the rich diversity of perspectives and experiences within our community, fostering an environment where writers of all backgrounds and interests can flourish.

  6. Impact the World: We believe that writing has the power to effect positive change. We encourage our members to use their writing to address important issues, promote social change, and make a difference in the world.

Together, we write, learn, and grow. We believe that by writing together, we not only enhance our individual skills but also create a stronger, more connected community. Join us at The Academians, where we write together and thrive together.”

“At The Academians, our focus is to cultivate a dynamic community of writers who unite in their passion for the written word. We aim to foster an environment where every member can thrive academically and personally through collaborative writing, creative expression, and the celebration of diverse voices.

  1. Collaborative Writing: We encourage our members to work together on various writing projects, sparking creativity and fostering camaraderie among writers.

  2. Peer Learning: Through peer feedback sessions and writing workshops, we facilitate a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

  3. Personal Growth: We believe in the power of writing as a tool for personal growth and self-discovery, providing opportunities for members to explore their identities and perspectives.

  4. Academic Excellence: We support our members in honing their writing skills, which in turn helps them excel academically in various subjects and assignments.

  5. Promoting Inclusivity: Our focus is on creating an inclusive and welcoming space where writers from all backgrounds feel valued and heard.

  6. Advocacy and Impact: We encourage members to use their writing to advocate for causes they believe in and address issues that matter to them, effecting positive change within and beyond our community.

  7. Celebrating Achievements: We take pride in celebrating the achievements and milestones of our members, both within our community and in external writing endeavors.

Our focus is to create a thriving hub of writers who support each other’s growth, celebrate the power of the written word, and make a meaningful impact through their writing. Together, we write, learn, and inspire.”